Why not write if you can?

It’s been a while since I last put a pen on a paper to write a piece; In this case I would say putting fingers on a laptop to write a blog. I guess it was a certain changes and twists in life events that in a way slowed my writing. Even so I needed to find a rhythm to be able to provide content to my dear audience that I treasure and respect. I though in a way kept the blog active through curating content on the blog. I found a new skill in #content #curation which in a way has helped me be able to provide real time information to my readers (special thanks to #scoopit).  Am now totally back and purpose to do much this year. Shutouts all subscribers and thanks for the love


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kmonadollaraday.wordpress.com: Beware de

kmonadollaraday.wordpress.com: Beware development geeks bearing gifts: Yes, this is another review, or perhaps more of a rumination on “Geek He… http://wp.me/p110pY-uo

Handwashing article receives the Elsevier Atlas award

Elsevier, a world-leading publisher and provider of information solutions for science, health, and technology professionals selected the Effect of a behaviour-change intervention on handwashing with soap in India (SuperAmma): a cluster-randomised…

Source: sanitationupdates.wordpress.com

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Stakeholders to pursue water, sanitation and hygiene targets – GhanaWeb

spyghana.com Stakeholders to pursue water, sanitation and hygiene targets GhanaWeb The conference underscored the need to tilt away from formulation of policies and strategies, for which a lot has been done, to their implementation and the…


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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It’s Time to Start Giving a Shit About Toilets

Don’t snicker: Open defecation is one of the world’s most stubborn problems. And the inability to adopt even Victorian-era sanitation is keeping India from being a superpower.


Source: www.foreignpolicy.com

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Two billion people drink water contaminated by feces – Catholic Online

Catholic Online International News: Asia & Pacific. The best resources for all Asia & Pacific news.


Source: www.catholic.org

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Water and sanitation in rural areas are ‘seriously underfunded’ – Medical News Today

A new WHO report shows that while efforts to improve global water and sanitation are gaining pace, there are some serious funding gaps – particularly in rural areas.


Source: www.medicalnewstoday.com

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Mobile phones are changing the world of retail – at a remarkable … – The Guardian (blog)

The Guardian (blog)Mobile phones are changing the world of retail – at a remarkable …The Guardian (blog)Mobile represents a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour and retailers must move quickly to exploit it, says John Milliken.


Source: www.guardian.co.uk

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‘150,000 children die in Nigeria from poor sanitation’ | 9ija News

Poor sanitation and the intake of unsafe water, which results in diarrhoea, kills about 150,000 children in Nigeria annually, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has said.


Source: www.9ijanews.com

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South Sudan on Cholera Alert as Donors Meet to Pledge Funds – AllAfrica.com

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Voice of America South Sudan on Cholera Alert as Donors Meet to Pledge Funds AllAfrica.com Oxfam has so far helped over 180,000 people in South Sudan and 63,000 in Uganda, working to prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases by providing access to…

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