Questions on functionality of wash facilities in schools

Possible place for open defecation by pupils

One of the major problems affecting schools upto date is the issue of functionality of the wash rooms used by the pupils. The fact that a school has wash facilities does not mean that they are operational. A survey carried out by in Ghana by CONIWAS through the use of the community school scorecard  availed a number of emerging issues which include:

Who has the responsibility of cleaning the school facilities? Should parents and children play a leading role in this?
Are the headmasters, PTAs and SMCs consulted on the issues sanitary facilities?
¨Headmaster; we need a platform for the schools to influence some the decisions made by the policy makers regarding provision WASH facilities in our schools.
We need sustainable wash facilities {for example the building behind my school was put in place but there are no fittings.}
What percentage of caption should be used for sanitation facilities maintenance? {€75 is not enough to run a school if you want good sanitation and hygiene in the school.}
Who provides  dustbins and toilets roll for use daily?
Who provides hand washing stands with soap for proper hand washing?
Who funds repairs of facilities?
How can it be ensured that the toilets have water, soap, toilet roll and light at all times?
We shall have to account for the lives these children whether we like it or not. The Parents, teachers and the assembly people have role to ensure good sanitation and hygiene, said the deputy Headmaster Ring road east JHS, Accra, Ghana