Why Behaviour Change Communication(BCC) has miserably failed in the WASH sector and what needs to be done?

Behaviour Change has more to do with peoples understanding of their selves, their thinking and beliefs at a deeper social and societal level – and not as an individual atomised consumers. BCC campaigns in WASH programmes, treat people as consumers who can made to buy/change behaviours using slick marketing techniques.

At the Mumbai WSSCC International Sanitation Meeting in Aug 2011, Behaviour Change in Hygoene was identified as a WSSCC Knowledge Networking Priority, based on a popular voting process. A Group was formed and met for its first meeting to discuss the agenda and focus of Behaviour Change Communication COP during the WSSCC meeting. A very useful first report was prepared and shared with the partipants. The Group had raised the need for understanding BCC not as a social marketing approach of advertsising and communication agencies as is being done presently in WASH and Health Sectors. But to develop our understanding of the theory of social and political change that is at the root of peoples WASH behaviours.Unfortunately this could not be sustained.

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