Make rain water harvesting a people’s movement for the world

I recently read an article in an Indian online news paper (The Hindu) which recommended rainwater harvesting to be rendered a people ‘s movement that i thought would work for the whole world in general. As you well know rain water harvesting has been practiced all over the world for the last 4,000 years. It improves the quantity and quality of ground water, raises the water level in wells and bore-wells, mitigates the effect of drought, and reduces soil erosion by controlling the surface runoff. It also decreases choking of ground water drains and flooding of roads and saves energy. As a result of continuous extraction, ground water levels all over the world especially in Africa. The world at large is facing a crisis of water and its ground water is under serious threat because of illegal and irrational extraction,”

The article suggested a strong advocacy for simplifying the procedures of providing policy support, financial assistance and technical guidance to the citizens and residents’ welfare associations to ensure that harvesting becomes a major initiative to improve the ground water levels in the city. it also cited a need for preparation of strategies and an action plan which is implementable.

With this i suggest that governments around the world should enforce rainwater harvesting


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