Knowledge management

Knowledge is information in use

Use = Experience + Skills + Attitude

Management(Knowledge) = Management(Information) in Management(use)

Management(Information) => IT + audio + video + library

Management(use) => manage circumstances => HRM

  • Process documentation
  • Learning (personal, group, community, organisation, sector)
  • Reflection (AAR = after action review)
  • Communication
  • Advocacy

PS Sector learning should read ‘learning on sector performance improvement’.

Think about local / indigenous knowledge

Knowledge exists in peoples heads.

One cannot manage knowledge but can manage circumstances to share / develop knowledge

KM (knowledge management) => K…M +> KS .. IM => KS (knowledge sharing) + IM (information sharing)

IM => support by IT (information technology)

KS => support by HRM (Skills, Experience) + management circumstance

KS happens outside meetings; in the coffee break etc so plan in meeting agenda time to share knowledege and also learn from each other.

There are different ways in which we learn. Some through meetings, conferences, lectures, dialogues e.t.c but what is the best way of learning?

Is it having a well furnished room with different people?

Is it sitting in a meeting and sharing what the next plan will be?

What is learning?

I think learning is more like a conversation just that!! Its when people have a conversation whether in a meeting or conference and share their experiences to influence change. Knowldege management brings about sharing, learning, managing information through communication and advocacy.


2 thoughts on “Knowledge management

  1. Hey Jaap,
    Yes, here in Ghana, KM initiatives are really huge especially the national level learning alliance platform which am a part of the organization as well as the learning and sharing. I have also been able to use other platforms to disseminate information like the using the website, social media and blogging.

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