Communication And The Church

Recently i happened to have a dialogue with a couple of friends and we were sharing about how we can improve communication among ministry members. We realized that there was more to communication than just a phrase. Communication has to grow starting from everyone talking to one another.

Communication’ or ‘marketing’ is so much deeper than a strategically placed logo, some quirky artwork or a catchy phrase. It is the tool into which we can breathe life, stir a thought, bring inspiration and make something that is otherwise difficult to understand, clear and relevant. Now take that idea and add it to the church—both internally with how we communicate our message to followers of Christ and externally with how we communicate the gospel to our community. What an amazing responsibility!

I believe that our art, our brochures, our online media, our print media and all of our ‘communications’ should be bringing God the glory he deserves. When we strive for excellence in everything we do, then we not only honor God with our output, but our input.

1. Communicating Jesus’ bride is an honor; it is a privilege we should never take for granted. We have a great responsibility to communicate truth. Don’t shy away from having God factors! (Spiritual I know!) Jesus is attractive, the Bible is the living, breathing word of God and it speaks truth, turns on lights in dark places and gives hope in the most hopeless situations. So why wouldn’t you use Scriptures that speak to the soul?
As Christians, the Bible is our greatest source of inspiration. Let’s remember, we are not communicating the message or mission statement of any old corporation or community center — we are communicating the Church.

2. It’s all for him! (Enough said.)

3. Don’t just check a box. Think outside of it. It’s really easy under pressure to just ‘get the job done.’ But I dare you, challenge you and urge you to be different. Step outside of the box! The church is alive, it is moving forward and the kingdom of God is advancing like we’ve never seen. Don’t let communication be stale and stagnate by doing the same thing over and over and using common and predictable ideas. You have a
responsibility to make the church shine! Make it loving, fresh, attractive, warm and welcoming. Paint the right picture!

4. Lastly, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” -Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NIV)
Whether you are involved in the day-to-day outworking of communication in your church, the creative input or the administration of the department, God says this is a form of worship. Bring your absolute best to the team. If you want good design: read, learn, surround yourself with good design! If you’re not passionate or inspired, ask God to give you a passion! Open your hands and have a soft heart and a listening ear; become a tool where God can use you and I promise that the more that you understand the creator, the more and more God will enlarge your thinking, take you to the next level and breathe fresh, innovative creativity in and through you.



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